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This blog was created to be a safe space for Black Women to speak. Confessions can be about black culture, celebrities, music, shows, movies, stereotypes or people in general.

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Millions of people have decided not to be sensitive. They have grown thick skins around themselves just to avoid being hurt by anybody. But it is at great cost. Nobody can hurt them, but nobody can make them happy either.
- Osho
It’s better to have nobody than someone who is half there, or who doesn’t want to be there.
- Angelina Jolie
Hang in there and the storm will pass, and eventually life will settle down again.

Anonymous : NC: It's funny how this feathery-dreamer person took my recent confession about anti-Black cultural appropriation and spurted this totally irrelevant bullshit commentary about the appropriation of "white" cultures, despite the fact that I mentioned literally nothing about white people in my confession. Lol, and people say we're the ones with a victim complex.

Girl… Let me tell you. Admin Milla

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